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Do you need to install a safe and efficient industrial extraction system?

Many companies throughout Europe benefit of our expertise for sound and efficient systems

Working and operating in a context where the air is clean and healthy is essential both to protect one's health and that of one's employees, and to ensure an environment that complies with all relevant regulations.

Identifying who to rely on for the sale and installation of industrial suction systems is therefore a very delicate step, which requires a careful assessment of the requirements and characteristics capable of making a simple supplier a "trusted supplier".
By contacting us you can rely on a company that has been operating in this field for years, thus putting at your disposal a solid and constantly updated know-how.

Our technicians, after having carefully evaluated your needs and the specific characteristics of your business, will be able to suggest the most suitable solutions for you, able to guarantee you the best results in terms of both performance and safety.

Please refer with confidence to P.D. Welding to equip you with the latest generation industrial suction systems equipped with the most suitable filters to neutralize even oily mists, fumes, dust and bad smells

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