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Reliability, professionalism and experience are our strengths

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Sale and assistance of welding and carpentry products

Design and construction of special systems

We are a young and dynamic company, our warehouse with more than a thousand items is located in Poncarale Brescia Italy;
we deal with industrial supplies, that is, we supply everything that can be used in a mechanical workshop or carpentry.

Assistance to welders of any brand and model, our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art test benches capable of highlighting even the slightest defect.

For over 20 years... specialists in the field of welding and much more.

In addition to welding machines, we sell consumables (wires, special wires, tig rods, submerged arc wires, fluxes, technical gases, etc.) stud welders, welding positioners, robotic islands, automatic trolleys with track or with feelers, disc and belt cut-off machines manual and automatic, piston and screw compressors, electric tools, pneumatic tools, hand tools