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© P.D. SALDATURA SRL P.IVA  C.F. e Iscr. Reg. Imp.: 02601060987 REA: BS - 463439   Capitale Sociale: € 20.000,00 I.V.
Legal seat: Via Padova, 11 - 25100 Brescia - Italy Operational seat: Via Fermi, 29 - 25020 Poncarale (BS) - Italy Tel. +39 030 2640803   Fax +39 030 2541529
Care of welding machines any brand and model, our workshop is equipped with benches test cutting edge capable of highlighting even the slightest defect.
- Welding Machines - Positioners - Compressors - Cutting Off Machines - Power Tools - Pneumatic Tools - Hand Tools
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We operate throughout Europe